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Paying Homage to Legends!


Johann Cruff 1947-2016

Our first tribute shirt was made in honor of Johann Cruyff in 2016.  Fitting that such a pioneer of the beautiful game was also the original inspiration here. Cruyff always led the way!

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Pelé 1940-2022

A great player as well as one of the greatest ambassadors of the game to ever walk the earth!


Diego Maradona 1960-2020

We made our 2nd tribute shirt for Diego Maradona, who needs no introduction as arguably the greatest player the game has ever known.

Mark Burzynski 1970-2021

There are global legends and there are local legends. Mark was a player, a referee, a coach, & an all around ambassador of the game. He was a Liverpool fan and a Brooklyn legend. 

Coach Mark Trust @ McCarren Park Tree Planting

The Coach Mark Trust was set up to help Mark fight his battle with cancer and to benefit his two children. Our tribute shirt was made in support of that cause.


One of Marks final requests was for a tree to be planted at McCarren Park to remember him by. In July of 2022, with the help of the NYC Parks Dept., a portion of every league player's fees were donated to purchase and install a White Oak Tree near the McCarren Park Soccer Field.  Mark's tree continues to grow there today!

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