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This League is being run in partnership with the Luis Rojas Foundation, with the proceeds going to the Foundation’s program.

The Luis Rojas Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle for under privileged children through soccer in New York City.

This is 4-a-side. With small goals. And a futsal ball. There will a goalkeeper and three outfield players.

The season starts on January 15th.

Rosters should be a minimum of 7 players and take into account the on-field requirements. Captains can register by making an Individual Payment - teammates would then be able to register/pay individually prior to a deadline. 

Payment of the one-time Team Fee allows as many players as you wish on the official roster - Team Fees must be made as a one-off payment. 

The League is "Open", meaning players/teams will be of varying levels of experience. 

Games consist of 22-minute halves and teams will have a minimum of 8 fixtures.

Kick-offs will be 4:30pm, 5:15pm, 6pm and 6:45pm.

game location:

Games are played PS 33 Chelsea Prep on 9th Avenue, between 26th and 27th Streets.

game time: Kick-offs will be 4:30pm, 5:15pm, 6:00pm and 6:45pm

registration deadline: Slots Assigned on a First-Come Basis

day of the week: Sunday

player cost: $145

team cost: $1100




If you are a member of an assigned team, please check with your Team Captain for the specific invitation link: this is the only way you can register and be placed on that particular roster.

There are Individual Free Agent slots available and you can join the League by clicking on the appropriate button.

If you would like to create and captain a New Team, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate button.

join as a free agent start a team return to menu

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