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Games are 7-a-side, meaning a ‘keeper and six outfield players.

Games are 25 minutes with no half-time and a running clock. 

Upon completion of the Group Stage, the Winners of each Group plus the 2nd-place team with the best record will proceed into the Semi-Finals. 

In the Group Stage if teams are tied on points, the following will be used to determine standings: 

1. Head-to-Head result (does not apply in a three-way tie) 
2. Goal Difference (Goals For - Goals Against) 
3. Goals For 
4. Goals Against 
5. Most Shutout Wins 
6. Penalty Kicks 

If a Semi-Final and/or the Final is tied, penalty-kicks will decide the outcome. These are best out-of-three before sudden death, as required. In the Coed tournament, one of the initial penalty-takers must be female and takers must progress through each player on the roster. 

* Players must wear turf shoes and shin guards 
* Substitutions are on the fly but must be made within your half of the field 
* Corner kicks will be taken 
* Throw in's will be taken
* There are no offsides 
* If the ball is passed back to the 'keeper, (s)he must play with his/her feet and not pick it up with their hands 
* A YELLOW CARD will see the offending player sit for at least two minutes during which time the team plays a man down (for the full two minutes) 
* A RED CARD results in the removal of the player for the remainder of the game (and the team plays a man down). All Red Cards will be reviewed and players subject to further suspension at the decision of the referee and event directors. 
* In the event of a conflict of shirt colors, a coin toss will decide who wears pinnies 
* Decisions of the Referees and Tournament Officials will be final and not subject to appeal.



CHECK IN: Upon arrival, the Captain must check in with NY Coed or NY Mens Representative on site. We’ll have a table situated in a visible location. This should be done at least 20 minutes prior to your opening fixture. 

T-SHIRTS: Unlike our leagues we do not generally give out t-shirts to teams.  Please be prepared to bring a dark and a light shirt. If you are deciding to wear your own jerseys, please email us to confirm the color ahead of game day. As colors will help the Field Reps identify teams, it’s important we know what you are wearing. 

BATHROOMS AND CHANGING AREAS: These are located nearby the field. 

WATER AND SNACKS: While there are fountains and vending machines on site players should come prepared with enough additional water and snacks for the duration of the tournament. Bleachers will be provided to relax in - just be sure to clean up thoroughly. 

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