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NY Mens Cup Competition

- Games are 25 minutes of continuous play with no half-time.


- Games are 7-a-side when outdoor with 6 players on the outfield and 1 goalkeeper and 5 or 6 a-side when indoor depending upon the venue. 


- Upon completion of the opening stage, the Winners of each group plus the 2nd place team with the best record (points > GD > GF > GA) will progress into the Semi-Finals.


• Players must wear turf or plastic studded soccer shoes. No metal cleats or spikes of any kind. Shin guards are highly recommended.

• Substitutions are on the fly but must be made within ones own half of the field

• Corner kicks will be taken

• There are no offsides

• A YELLOW CARD will see the offending player removed from play for a "breather." The player must be substituted immediately, but may return after the next action of play. 

• A RED CARD results in the removal of the player for the remainder of the game (and the team will play a man down). All Red Cards will be reviewed and players subject to further suspension at the discretion of the referee and event directors

• In the event of a conflict of colors, a coin toss will decide who changes shirts (or wears pinnies)

• Decisions of the Referees and Tournament Officials will be final and not subject to appeal. All other rules are per FIFA. 

- All other rules follow our general rules for league play. If you have a question please feel free to email or approach us at the field.

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