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Gentlemen's Rule. This is the first and most important rule, the rest is just a guide. 

If you have a specific question or a concern, please speak to the referee and/or the LOVENYSOCCER representative on site.

Alternatively, you can email the league directly at

5 a-Side


Games will last 42 minutes, split into 21-minute halves with a three minute break, unless otherwise advised.

Games are 5-versus-5 (including goalkeeper). 

It is a hardwood floor, therefore sneakers are the recommended footwear. Shinguards are highly encouraged in all divisions of the League. 

Walls are in play though often one side of the gym will contain bleachers and it is from here players can sub in and sub out. Substitutions are unlimited. 

As the specifics will change from location to location, the use of walls and out-of-bounds will be explained prior to kick-off by the referee. 

The ball is allowed to go above head height during general play. However, should it touch one of the utilized walls above a certain height, then it will be deemed out of bounds. Play will then begin with a kick-in and opposition players should be at least five yards away from the kicker. 

If the ball touches the ceiling during general play, it will be deemed out of bounds. Play will re-start with a indirect free-kick to the opposing team. 

Goalkeepers CANNOT pick the ball up from a deliberate pass-back from one of their own team. 

Goalkeepers must release the ball from their hands within 10 seconds. This is to guard against time-wasting. If the 'keeper fails to do so an indirect free-kick will be awarded. 

All players may enter the penalty area during general play but not during a goal-kick. Again, clarification will be provided prior to the game as to the penalty area. 

When releasing the ball, either by hand or by foot,  the must touch a player in their own half before proceeding to goal. This rule has been changed from a previous rule in order to limit the number of shots being blasted and with player safety in mind. 


YELLOW CARDS: are two minute power players, during which time the team plays a man down. 


RED CARDS: the player is out for the remainder of the game and cannot be replaced. While we don't require that the player miss the subsequent match, all red cards will be reviewed. Repeated violations may effect future registration with the league, and ultimately, removal altogether. 

We do our best to guard against teams bringing in ringers on any given week and unbalancing the season. Likely against late forfeits and
 forfeits that determine playoff seeds when points are tied. Mostly, this is to ensure that all registered and paid teams and players have as much playing time as possible and are not short-changed by unregistered players. Our goal is also to ensure the motive to play is for fun and not just about winning. 

While the LOVENYSOCCER representative in attendance will have a list of official players, we're not going perform a roll call prior to each game - we expect teams to enter into the general spirit of the League.If you believe the opposition are fielding illegal players, please advise the referee immediately - and "immediately" doesn't mean when you go a goal down. We will then double-check and confirm a player’s registration. 

Should a team be short of players during any given week, they are allowed to bring in replacements to complement their roster. 

However, non-registered players are only to be brought in when rosters are severely depleted. And when we state "non-registered" we are referring to players not on your official roster. This may include outfield player(s) and/or goalkeepers. 

Replacements, when required, can come from other teams within the League, or players that are not registered with LOVENYSOCCER. If the replacement is coming from outwith the League, he must be identified prior to kick-off. And please ensure he is wearing a similarly-colored shirt to that of your team. 

If a team has 7 or above registered players in attendance, NO non-registered players are allowed. 

If a team has 6 registered players in attendance, they are allowed to add 1 sub.  

If a team has 4-5 registered players, they are allowed to bring in additional non-registered players that will bring the roster in attendance to 6. 

If a team has 3 or less registered players, then unfortunately the game will be forfeited and the result recorded as a 3-0 loss. A scrimmage, however, will be arranged for those in attendance. 

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